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  • Technical Parameters Download
    model Specification transmission ratio input power output torque
    JRESR 37~67 3.41~199.81 0.18~7.5kW 26~670N.m
    JRESK 37~67 3.98~145.14 0.18~5.5kW 12~910N.m
    JRESS 40~90 7.5~100 0.09~kW 19~458N.m

  • Paint coating, nameplate identification, packaging scheme
    paint coating

    The coating is made of green paint products that meet the national environmental protection requirements. The paint does not contain toxic and harmful substances such as VOC, TDI, benzene/toluene, xylene, and heavy metals. It has super adhesion, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be applied to ordinary outdoor medium corrosive environments and various indoor working conditions. And there is an enhanced coating system to adapt to heavy corrosion environment.

    Nameplate identification

    The nameplate adopts stainless steel laser printing process, which is clear and durable. At the same time, the product QR code is added, and product information and sales service information can be easily checked by scanning the QR code. There are various guiding signs pasted on the surface of the product, which can greatly reduce the risk of misuse.

    Packaging scheme

    The packing method is strong and durable, and all kinds of signs on the surface of the box are clear, which can fully meet the needs of automobile stacking or container logistics transportation. According to the product type and shipment quantity, the packing box is divided into carton packaging and wooden box packaging. The content of the box sticker includes: product specifications, Quantity and other information to facilitate delivery and receipt inspection

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