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Industry alliance win-win cooperation

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Industry alliance win-win cooperation

Salute to the supplier! Promote industrial alliances and achieve win-win cooperation; integrate excellent suppliers to build an industrial ecosystem for JIE intelligent Drive; we are committed to making suppliers satisfied and happy. Ingenuity and wisdom, thank you!

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Advantages of joining
  • 1. The huge market ratio effect of the gear industry
  • 2. Improve product quality level
  • 3. Enhance the brand influence of the industry
  • 4. Sustainable development of the enterprise and considerable cooperation prospects

Affiliate Policy

  • Basis for cooperation

    Match of major

    Similar ideas

    Comparable in size

    Reliable quality

    Reasonable price

    High-level concern
  • Cooperation requirements

    Project management

    System management

    Lean management

    Quality assurance

    Delivery guarantee

    Service Guarantee
  • Cooperative review

    Catalog review

    Bid review

    Entry review

    Contract review

    Pay review

    Regular review
  • Cooperation agreement

    Integrity agreement

    Confidentiality agreement

    Technology Agreement

    Quality agreement

    Supply agreement

    Supplementary agreement
  • Cooperation Process

    High-level mutual visit project launched

    Requirement Confirmation Plan Confirmation

    Sample order cooperation sample order confirmation

    Small batch cooperation Small batch confirmation

    Batch cooperation Batch confirmation


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  • External material (aluminum casting): reducer box, flange end cover

    1. Material: ADC12
    2. Range: 0.5-10kg
    3. Annual consumption: 3000 tons

  • External material (iron casting): reducer box, motor frame, flange end cover

    1. Material: HT200/HT250/QT450
    2. Range: 0.5-1000kg
    3. Annual consumption: 50,000 tons

  • Internal material (forging): reducer gear, gear shaft forging

    1. Material: 20CrMnTi
    2. Range: φ160-φ500
    3. Annual consumption: 300,000 pieces

  • Internal material (worm gear): reducer worm gear

    1. Material: tin bronze
    2. Range: 1.75-7.5 modulus
    3. Annual consumption: 150,000 pieces

  • Internal material (helical gear pair): helical gear pinion

    1. Material: 20CrMnTi
    2. Range: 1-10 modulus
    3. Annual consumption: 5 million pieces

  • Internal material (bevel gear pair): bevel gear pair - ground & non-ground

    1. Material: 20CrMnTi
    2. Range: 2.12-10.28 modulus
    3. Annual consumption: 200,000 sets

  • Internal material (shaft): reducer input shaft, output shaft

    1. Material: 40Cr
    2. Range: φ25-φ250
    3. Annual consumption: 1.2 million

  • Internal material (shaft): motor rotor shaft

    1. Material: 45#
    2. Range: φ20-φ100
    3. Annual consumption: 1 million

  • Standard material (steel): gear steel

    1. Material: 20CrMnTi
    2. Range: φ30-φ150
    3. Annual consumption: 1500 tons

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